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Check out these tiny homes powered by solar energy

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Browsing the Internet I found something that combines two recent trends that are fantastic for going green, tiny homes powered by solar energy. Solar energy is fantastic for so many reasons as explained by experts at Solar Panels Adelaide. There are no emissions, it is clean, and quiet. Tiny homes are good what are you solar energy or not. They need less maintenance and energy over all. as compiled some stunning photos and facts about some tiny homes that run on solar energy. The first is a round tiny home situated on water. Designed by Giancarlo Zema for EcoFloLife, this floating pod can be placed near any calm body of water. It measures only 12 meters in diameter and is only 4 meters high. Its body is curved and

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How to Become a Solar Energy Systems Designer in the US

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Finally, as many people continue embracing solar power as an alternative source of energy, the demand for solar energy systems will increase, resulting in a greater demand for solar energy professionals. In 2014 alone, ASES reports that the solar industry increased its workforce by 22 percent.

So if you are passionate about going green, and you want to help millions of American reduce their energy bills, then perhaps you should become an solar energy systems engineer.


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Woman Invents Awesome Tent That Can Collect Rainwater And Store Solar Energy

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Architect Abeer Seikaly has come up with a brilliant solution to help save and transform the lives of millions of refugees around the world.

Her brilliant project “Weaving a Home” aims to weave the lives of refugees back together with the help of a one-of-a-kind collapsible tent.

Aside from providing shelter, the tent can collect rainwater, store solar energy and provide electricity, running water, as well as storage.

Rainwater collected from the top of the tent is filtered down the sides. Inhabitants can actually take shower using the collected water through a process called thermosiphoning, which actually draws the water back up.

Photo credit: Abeer Seikaly

Inhabitants can also take advantage of the stored solar energy since the energy transferred from the tent’s fabric to a battery.

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